Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the job market has been rocked with a great deal of uncertainty. New graduates are unsure whether they will be able to secure a job role during this time and individuals looking for a new job role are unsure whether they can find a job role that offers them stability post-pandemic. If you are looking for a job during or post-pandemic, you may wish to contact bespoke recruitment experts. Below we list the advantages of using bespoke recruitment services…

1. Expert insight

Bespoke job agencies will have expert industry insight and be able to connect you with companies who are not posting on mainstream job websites. For example, a bespoke recruitment expert may be able to connect you with a new company, which has not yet fallen on the radar of standard recruitment agencies due to the pandemic.

2. Stronger personality matches

As a bespoke recruitment agency will understand the industry you are wishing to enter, they will be able to accurately say whether or not you are a good personality match for the role. Unlike other recruitment agencies, at a bespoke agency, you are not treated like just another number; instead, you are engaged with on a personal level.

3. A faster service

Some industry roles can be niche and specific, instead of having to spend time explaining to a recruitment company what exactly your previous job roles entailed, a bespoke company will already understand what your job role may have been, and you won’t have to waste your time explaining how jobs within your industry are completed.

If you think you could benefit from a bespoke recruitment service, contact JJP Bespoke Recruitment now.

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