It’s no secret that the current COVID-19 pandemic is shaking the business world to its core. However, now that things are slowly – very slowly – returning to a state of functionality, it’s time to think about returning to work. A pandemic means that you need to prepare and perfect your business recruitment process is rife – here are ten reasons why.

Not all your employees may return to work

Being blunt, the pandemic is a time of mass loss and devastation. You need to prepare for the scenario that some employees may not return to work as soon as you need them to, whether it be out of illness or mental health.

The hiring process may need to be drastically altered

Following a pandemic, close contact is going to be unlikely for at least a few months. Instead, consider hiring people online or via video call to avoid the risk of spreading germs.

You’re likely to get better candidates

Some of the biggest companies are coming under fire for their treatment of employees. As such, many are leaving and will be searching for new jobs – be prepared to attract them by preparing your hiring process.

You’re likely to get more candidates

Not only this but as more people stay at home, they also have more time to browse the internet for job opportunities. This may see you experiencing a higher influx of applications than normal, so it pays to be prepared to deal with this.

It makes the full return to work easier

Recruitment is only one part of your work duties. By taking care of recruitment early, you’ll free up more time to look after other duties, such as balancing the logbooks or contacting clients.

Get ahead of the recruitment curve

Recruitment is sure to see an increase following the pandemic, due to some of the reasons above. By preparing your recruitment process early, you’ll be securing yourself in a place ahead of the overall curve.

You’ll gain a reputation of preparedness

Nobody wants to work for a company that appears lazy or unproductive. By ensuring your recruitment process is already adapted, your reputation of preparedness will precede you.

It may enlighten your other work practices

Changing your recruitment services may have a knock-on effect as to how you can improve other aspects of your company. In a post-pandemic world, efficiency is sure to be the key.

Streamline your overall recruitment process

As well as improving your recruitment process to be more remote, preparing early will also ensure you can recruit new employees at a faster rate. This means they can be trained up and start quicker, which is key for resuming business.

It’ll free time to prepare your re-opening strategy

How and when you re-open your business is absolutely critical. Getting the recruitment process out of the way frees up time to contact vendors, clients, and anybody else intrinsic to your company, and ensure they’re good to go when you are.

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